Viscose Rugs

Silk, Art-Silk, Faux Soie, Bamboo Silk, Coconut Silk Banana Silk, Flax Silk, Hemp Silk, Raw Silk, Rayon, Mercerized Cotton … These are all words used to describe silk fibers in textiles on the market these days. Buyer Beware! Most rugs labeled as ‘silk’ being sold today are not actually silk spun from silk worms. Instead, they are a more inexpensive … Read More


Abrash is horizontal, naturally occurring colour variance or hue change. These colour changes usually are due to the weaver using wool dyed in different dye batches. It may appear to be the same colour upon weaving, but over time, the dyes oxidize or fade differently. This is a far more common occurrence in Village and Tribal rugs, where wool is … Read More