How Often Should I Clean My Wool Rugs?


Removing the damaging grit and soil that accumulates in wool area rugs should be done every 1-3 years. Regular household vacuums can’t get out the often deeply embedded particles that can cut off the wool fibers, damaging your valuable rugs. Sending them out regularly to our area rug spa they get air dusted, or we mechanically agitate them with our Rug Badger or tumble them thoroughly removing damaging dry particulate. Then your rugs are washed, rinsed, and hung to dry. Wool protectant or moth proofing can be applied as well. Call SaniTECH today to schedule your RUG SPA treatment!

How Can You Identify Moth and Bug Damage On Your Rugs?

Two things to look for:

  1. look at the back side of the rug… moth larvae look like spider webs or sticky lint.
  2. Next look for bare spots that look like little divots in the face fibers… these can be really small. If your rug has a cotton foundation look for bright white spots where the wools has been eaten away. If your rug is all wool, the bugs will eat holes right through the rug.

If you have an active infestation call a professional exterminator to have them dealt with before you bring your rugs in for cleaning. We’d also recommend having them check your whole home for the little critters.

How Can You Protect Your Rugs From Bugs and Moths?

  1. Vacuum regularly, especially under the furniture and also do the back side.
  2. Put them outside in sunlight a couple of times a year, over a clothes lines or deck railing. Bug hate light.
  3. Use a good quality under cushion or pad. This eliminates air pockets where bugs can live; and cushions your rugs from foot traffic that could cause damage over time.
  4. Get us to apply a Moth Repellent Treatment that makes your rugs taste bad to the bugs.
  5. Remove any eggs from your rugs by sending the rugs out for an immersion wash regularly.

Two Mistakes Made By Most Rug Owners… and Maybe You!

  1. Proper maintenance: starts with proper vacuuming. Frequently.
  2. Immersion clean your rugs every two to three years to remove embedded soils.

How Should You Vacuum Your Area Rugs?

Improper vacuuming can damage your rugs. Vacuum thick foundation rugs sideways with beater bar set on highest setting, minimizing brush contact with face pile fibers. Use an upholstery attachment on thin foundation rugs, vacuuming with the pile (see video) or if no pile, vacuum across the rug, picking up the tool on each pass. Older delicate rugs can be just brushed with a horse hair brush. Fringes should be vacuumed with an upholstery tool, with the length of the fringe… or use a horsehair brush if fringes are delicate.