Viscose Rugs


Silk, Art-Silk, Faux Soie, Bamboo Silk, Coconut Silk Banana Silk, Flax Silk, Hemp Silk, Raw Silk, Rayon, Mercerized Cotton … These are all words used to describe silk fibers in textiles on the market these days. Buyer Beware! Most rugs labeled as ‘silk’ being sold today are not actually silk spun from silk worms. Instead, they are a more inexpensive cellulosic mish-mash of fibers meant to confuse and trick the consumer. These chemically treated, cellulosic fibers have a very short life-span and do not stand up well to everyday normal use and wear.

Whether your rug is real silk or a less expensive faux-silk fiber, your cleaning professional will need to use extreme caution when cleaning. The potential for dye migration and/or texture change are the most pressing issues they will talk to you about. Your silk or faux-silk rug will need to be hand groomed throughout the drying process to help re-set the plush pile.

If your silk or faux-silk rugs become stained at home, your cleaning professional may not be able to remove the stains completely without causing damage to the delicate fibers or dyes. Improvement to some degree should be the goal.

Over-the-counter spotting agents should NEVER be used on silk and faux-silk fibers. The effects of these harsh chemicals are too damaging to the delicate fibers.