How to Remove Pork and Beans Stains on the Carpet

Pork and beans is a great food item to have for your breakfast or as a snack. It has a rich, creamy sauce and tasty pork and beans that will surely fill your stomach and leave you with a smile. A lot of people have made many different variations out of pork and beans but having the original is certainly still something that you will enjoy.

Just be careful though not to spill the pork and beans that you are eating on your beautiful carpet. This is because the spill is going to get your carpet to look ugly and filthy and it will probably cause an ugly stain that will be hard to remove.

If you have accidentally spilled some pork and beans on your carpet at home, here is a simple guide that you can try to get your carpet clean and spotless once more.

• Be sure to extract the spilled pork and beans on the carpet as quickly as you can. This is so that you can prevent the sauce from seeping deeper into the carpet fibers which can make the problem a lot worse. Also remember not to rub the spill as this will only spread the problem.
• Next, make a cleaning solution that will help remove the ugly stain left behind on the carpet. Usually a combination of one part dish washing liquid and four parts warm water will do the trick. Take the cleaning solution that you have made and pour some of it onto stained portion of the carpet before moving on to the next step.
• Grab a paper towel and then slowly blot the pork and beans stain on your carpet. This will cause the stain to be lifted and transfer onto the surface of the paper towel. Repeat this step until all of the stain is gone. It can sometimes take several attempts before you are able to completely remove the stain. This is just normal as the pork and beans stains can sometimes be very stubborn. Just stay patient until the entire stain is removed.
• Rinse the carpet area you just cleaned with a glass of water in order to remove any unwanted residue. Then, dry everything with some clean towels or rags to finish the chore.

Cleaning up this kind of mess can be very tough if you don’t know the right steps to take. If ever you have pork and beans stains on your carpet at home, follow the guide above and you’ll surely be able to get rid of this annoying carpet cleaning problem with ease.

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