Errors in Cleaning Marble Tiles That You Should Avoid

Many homeowners prefer to have marble tiles in their homes because of the unique element of class and sophistication that it offers. Marble tiles are indeed very attractive and they can really have a huge impact in making your home beautiful.

But with the beauty and aesthetic value that marble tiles bring to your home, it also comes with the added responsibility of cleaning and maintaining it. Cleaning marble tiles is not that easy especially if you are unfamiliar with the situation. Marble is a natural stone tile which means that it requires specific cleaning methods so that you can get it clean and in top condition.

Sadly, many homeowners don’t really know that much about maintaining marble tiles and they end up making costly mistakes that affect their tiles. Make sure that you are a responsible tile owner by making sure that you avoid making the tile cleaning errors below on your beautiful marble tiles at home.

  • Using Too Much Moisture – Natural stone tiles such as marble and limestone should not be exposed to too much moisture as this can lead to damage and deterioration. Natural stone tiles are porous in nature and thus using too much liquid may cause damage to it if done repeatedly. Some homeowners who want to clean their marble tiles think that mopping it with water or any other cleaning solution is the right way to go but this is completely the opposite. Make sure that you only use little to no moisture on your marble tiles so that you can keep it clean and in proper condition always.
  • Using Highly Acidic Cleaning Products – Another mistake that many homeowners commit is using highly acidic cleaning solutions on their marble tiles. Many would think that the stronger the cleaning solution the more effective it will be in removing stains and spots on their marble tiles. What they do not know is that marble tiles can be damaged by highly acidic cleaning products. Natural stone tiles do not work well with acidic solutions so it is always a good idea to avoid such products on your marble tiles. It is best for you to use more basic cleaning solutions to avoid any unwanted damage on your marble tiles at home.

Cleaning your marble tiles at home can be tough but following the advice above will help you avoid making silly mistakes that you will surely regret.

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